CSEC School Buses

Colorado Springs Early Colleges has six school buses that serve the southeast, central and north parts of Colorado Springs including Falcon. Bus riders are accommodated on a first come first serve basis, however, we do try to accommodate all that need a ride to school. Returning students will be placed on the same bus that they rode the previous year unless the school is informed otherwise.

Please review the six bus routes (link below) and choose a bus and a stop that is preferable. If your student is new and has filled out the CSEC Transportation Application (webform link below), you will be contacted before school starts to confirm your seating on the bus.

After school begins, each student will be given a Safety and Procedure Rules form to be read and signed by parent and student.  Please keep these rules in mind and remind your students of them for their safety and the safety of others. Riding the bus is a privilege and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Bus Routes 2015

Bus Routes - 2 Hour Delay 

Bus Rules  

Transportation Application
for the 2015-16 School Year.  
Fill out this webform if you would like to request the privilege of riding one of CSEC's school busses. 

Metro City Buses

Colorado Springs Early Colleges offers metro bus passes to our students at the rate of 22 rides for $18.00. Routes are available online at, or by calling 385-RIDE. We do offer reduced price passes to those who qualify for free/reduced meals. 

Carpool Opportunity


For more information about Schoolpool call (719) 385-RIDE (7433), Option #2.


If you have questions regarding Transportation, please contact Kim Solberg.

Kim Solberg School Services 719-955-4696







CSEC partners with PPCC to offer college courses to CSEC students as part of CSEC's normal school day.


CSEC is authorized by Charter School Institute, a state-wide organization that acts somewhat like a school district.


Colorado League of Charter Schools supports CSEC with training and other services.

Many CSEC students attend off-campus classes at Pikes Peak Community College and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.